3D Prototyping

What was once an unrealistic goal is now reality-3d prototyping? That’s right. There are now printers on the market that allow you to print 3d models for prototyping a variety of different things. But what does this mean, and how can this be useful?


Well let’s say someone comes up with a concept or design idea for a new product. The first step would be to determine a design for this product that they believe to be functional or be the best for its particular purpose.


But this usually involves a lot of trial and error. And no matter how great a design seems on paper, there is no real way to know if the design will truly work without a prototype. But in the past, taking a product from concept to prototype was a long and in depth process.

3d printer

Then along came the 3d printer. Thanks to this revolutionary machine prototypes can be designed in a short type. Whether you want to design an entire prototype, a cast prototype, or working elements of a project. You can quickly have a working 3d prototype, allowing you to see what parts of the design works and what, if anything needs to be changed.


This breakthrough is applicable in many fields.


In the healthcare industry, 3d prototypes are able to be developed for prosthetics. Since they must be made to fit the person exactly, a prototype really speeds along the process.

3d model


In the automotive industry they are able to test different components and their applications among different car models.  It can also be used to develop a cast to create small components needed for vehicles, or for producing working components.


In architecture they are able to use 3d printing for more complex concept to visualize their application within a design.

3d prototyping can be done in different ways depending on its purpose. 3d prototyping can be done with various material including plastic and metal. If the purpose if the prototype is to simply get a 3d visualization, a simple plastic 3d model may be sufficient. If you wish to have a working prototype to test a new product, or for engineering purposes you may use more diverse materials. And still, if you are using the 3d printer for production you will likely opt for casting.

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