5 Mistakes Inventors Make When Trying To Sell Their Ideas

By Own My Ideas|June 4, 2018|have an idea for an invention, i have a invention, i have an invention now what, idea for invention now what, Inventions, License my idea, own my ideas, Patent my Idea, Patents, why are patents important|

1. They do not go after the big money or after a category of products that sell everyday.
If you have an obscure product idea or an idea that sells to a small group of people, it’s not going to produce a good income. It needs to be marketable.

2. They quit too soon
Quitting after a few companies saying no. If a company rejects your ideas, ask them why. You can also ask them what kind of ideas/products they are looking for.

3. They Try to do everything by themselves.
You can’t do everything. For example if your not good at calling companies get someone that can help you.

4. They Listen to friends and family or other people in general.
There’s a lot of free advice, sometimes wrong advice from others. If the person giving you advice hasn’t done what your looking to do, you may not want to listen.

5.They freak out.
Stay calm, don’t get stressed out, work with ease.

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