The importance of having a patent search done by a professional as opposed to doing it yourself


Have you come up with new inventions and now you are worried about licensing? If so, you are one of many inventors facing this issue.

For the sake of the understanding of all readers, let’s first discuss what patents are. A patent is a license, given by an authority to an inventor, which confers a right for a particular period during which time no one is authorized to use, make or sell a similar invention.

Whenever an individual comes up with an invention, the next thing he or she must determine is whether a related invention already exists. To determine this, a patent search is necessary.

There are two methods one can use to perform a patent search. The first is to conduct it on your own by using Google’s patent website or any other similar software FPO or USPTO. The second is to employ a professional patent searcher. This article will give you insight into the importance of having a patent search done by a professional as opposed to doing it yourself.

Particularly with respect to a search done using the Google patent site, there are many advantages to using a professional searcher.

Save TimSave Time


A lot of work is required to search for similar patents; by using a professional, you can save time and effort, spending them instead on other important tasks.

Do it right the first timeA thorough search


Often Google will not produce desired search results. As compared to a patent search by a professional, a search done using Google is not as trustworthy. Often, a patent actually exists but Google does not show it. Moreover, new licenses are typically not available in the Google search. Google Patent Search is a good option to begin your search. However, if you want a detailed search, Google is not your answer. It will not help you search for terms that are embedded within a patent. On the other hand, a professional will examine each and every place for relevant keywords.

Privacy issueClassified Search

The most critical drawback of Google is that there is no guarantee that the site will not publish or use your personal information or invention. Recently, Google declared that it wanted to utilize people’s search data. This is a highly alarming situation, as an invention can be your ticket to fame and riches; if it were published on the internet during your search and application for a patent, you would find no help anywhere. However, a professional patent searcher will give you a full guarantee regarding the privacy of your content


One thing worth mentioning is that a professional searcher conducts patent searches for a living and is an expert at the job. Moreover, unlike a common searcher, a professional searcher is completely familiar with all terms and classification systems. In conclusion, although the cost of hiring a professional for a patent search is high, if you don’t want to get involved in a tiring and time-consuming struggle by yourself, the money is definitely worth it.  Submit Your Idea today and we will have one of patent professionals assist you in the process to ring your invention to life .

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