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Eyes-N-More® contains an additional complex and very potent regimen of essential Vitamins and Nutrients designed to promote a solid and healthy WHOLE BODY foundation necessary to combat the effects and progression of Age-Related Macular Degeneration, early aging and other visual disturbances.

Eyes-N-More®<s/trong> by virtue of its core ingredients which have been proven to be significantly effective in the prevention and treatment of DRY TYPE Macular Degeneration by both the AREDS-I and AREDS-II studies, additionally, have been beneficial in reducing the progression of the disease as well as, in some cases, reversing the process.

Eyes-N-More®, because of its liquid format, has an absorption rate into the blood stream approaching 97% as compared to an absorption rate of only 10% to 15% as provided by a Tablet or a Capsule.  This allows liquid Eyes-N-More® to be significantly more effective and potent and rapidly assimilated into the blood stream.

Eyes-N-More®<s/trong> extensive multi-formula of 41 Pharmaceutical grade ingredients is an extremely cost-effective and affordable choice for everyone.  If you’re like most people today, you’re probably taking several expensive supplements daily or even several times during the day and ONLY getting 10% or 15% of what you’re putting into your mouth into your blood stream.  That certainly can’t be a cost-effective way to do things?

RISK FREE GUARANTEE – If after taking as directed for 30 days, and Eyes-N-MORE isn’t everything we say it is, and you don’t SEE and FEEL a difference, simply send* it back and we’ll refund your product purchase price. No questions asked!!