Michelle Murray

Volume 1

Miranda finds out she has an ancient magic, and travels to the world of Mystica. On Mystica, a dark wizard Midnight has been freed and is wreaking havoc and war wherever he goes. Can Miranda save the world of Mystica from the dark wizard Midnight?

Volume 2

The Darkness has waited a long time to return to Mystica. Now with the help of the wizard Shadow it has found a way. It will stop at nothing and no one to darken out all of Mystica. Miranda has been called to Mystica to help fight the Darkness. She has been training with a fellow magic user, Brian. Brian follows her to Mystica. Does he mean help or harm? Can Miranda stop the Darkness and save Mystica, and if so at what cost?

Volume 3

The last dark wizard Spyder has been freed from his stone prison. His one quest is to find the last white wizard’s stone. Spyder recruits the pirates from Dead Man’s Island to help him. With the magic out of balance of Mystica, the land starts to rumble and shake. Tremors are felt throughout the land. Miranda is called back to set things right. Miranda and her companions travel to the Lost Islands to find the same stone. The Pirates are not far behind. It is a race to see who will find Polaris first. Miranda needs to bring both wizards safely back to Mystica before the Red Mountain spews its lava. Danger awaits her at every turn. The fate of Mystica rests in Miranda and her dreams.