Richard Holl Project


Holl-Reactors® are novel chemical reactors which radically deviate from the principle of the standard propeller driven tank reactor. The Holl-Reactors® operate without turbulence creating propellers. The Holl-Reactors® success relies exclusively on the use of the hydrodynamic shaft bearing operating principle where the lubricants are now replaced by chemical reactants which will react almost instantaneously due to the hydrodynamic “film” shear to which they are subjected.

To perform a chemical reaction in a Holl-Reactor®, a round shaft spins inside a tube at high rpm, while the inner surface of the stationary outside tube is kept separated from the outer surface of the fast moving inner spinning shaft by a very small distance, exactly like in a full film bearing shaft lubrication process. The “full film lubrication” principle is used in the Holl-Reactor® for the first time as a chemical mixing and reacting principle, and was found to be far superior to that of the ubiquitous propeller stirring in traditional reactors.

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Holl-Reactors® can be 100 to 1000 times faster than in traditional propeller driven tank reactors.