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Bump keys; lock picks, and picks guns unlock deadbolts and passage locks nearly as fast as a working key and are sold online. If you rent or stay in a hotel or motel strangers have your key. Burglaries reported last year were a staggering 2 million. That’s 167,000 burglaries per-month and over 5,550 burglaries per-day and each-year hundreds of thousands of burglaries go unreported.

This is why the National Neighborhood Watch has partnered with Super-Grip-Lock and is now being offered on their website as well.

Super Grip Lock Return Policy: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Return to Super Grip Lock for any reason within 30 days after delivery and proof of purchase for a full refund. We recommend you keep one for travel. Twenty-five percent of every product sold goes to buy Bullet Proof Vests for Police Officers who need them – Thank You for Your Support!

Learn more about the National Sheriffs’ Association Bullet-Proof-Vest-Program at

Secure Your Door with Super Grip Lock:
Super Grip Lock, the award-winning deadbolt strap and portable travel lock, attaches to and wraps around the deadbolt handle and doorknob or lever handle when the deadbolt is in the locked position to prevent the handle from turning so the bolt cannot be disengaged until the Strap is removed. Your door will remain locked even if someone has your key they can’t get in until the Strap is removed which is a prudent way you can protect yourself. Watch the instructional video below to see Super Grip Lock in action.


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