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Branding is a concept that extends far beyond the marketing of “brand name” designer jeans and other products. A company’s brand represents their market identity—who they are, what they do, what kind of quality they provide, their reputation for trustworthiness, and more.

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A website is the modern day storefront, no need for trade shows when you can have your website showcasing your invention 24/7.

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An angel investor is a person who invests in a new or small business venture, inventions, patents providing capital for start-up or expansion. Angel investment is a form of equity financing–the investor supplies funding in exchange for taking an equity position in the company. Equity financing is normally used by non-established or new businesses that do not have sufficient cash flow or collateral with which to secure business loans from financial institutions. Angel investors fill in the gap between the small-scale financing provided by family and friends and venture capitalists. Attracting Angel Investors is not always easy, but there are things you can do. Beyond providing financing, angels help you meet other smart business people who can help you grow your business, mentor you, and teach you. Most angel investors, whether or not he or she funds you, has an extensive network of people who can help you in many other ways.  While venture capital dollars are shrinking, angels investors are growing in number each year.

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Evaluations to determine Commercial Potential Of Utility Patents.

Do you have a current utility patent or a previously filed Nonprovisional Utility patent application? We can help to determine the commercial potential of your patent. We look at market based criteria like market size, ideal customers, competitors in the market place and many more.

We also offer to sell or license Utility Patents or previously filed Nonprovisional Utility patent applications.

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When it comes to the presentation of new inventions and product prototypes, the video production services offered prove you don’t need to travel to Hollywood to find big-screen capabilities.

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Whether you are an individual curious about patents, you’re a business owner with a new product, or need a trademark or copyright to protect your brand, we can help. Our team has a diverse background and years of experience with business and innovation, so give us a call!

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

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Custom iPhone app solution is our forte and so is delivering polished, final iOS apps according to the inventors requirements.

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Our Android app development team is adept in creating apps for phones, phablets, and tablets. We optimize application design and functionality based on your requirement so that you are delivered a personalized and tailored app with minimal learning curve.

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